6 commands for managing VPS server

As you already know, the VPS server requires special knowledge about its use. After buying the virtual dedicated server, you become a system administrator, and you are given the roots. Therefore, you must know at least about the basic commands and server settings to avoid problems with management, because everything on the Unix system is ​​command-based. We have collected 6 different options to make your life simpler. Today’s article is going to be useful for many people. 

Useful commands for Linux system 

The management of the Moldova VPS server may seem to be difficult for beginners. You should know that the terminal gives you many advantages. For example, it is very convenient to work with it, because you only need to write a command and press Enter. Read about the useful commands below. 

  1. TAR or GZIP, ZCAT. These commands allow you to work with archives. It lets files be combined into one package to be saved safely. The -x option can be used to extract files from the archive;
  1. SSH. The most important command in the Linux system, which allows you to connect with a dedicated server quickly. The connection is encrypted, so you don’t have to worry about the security of your data;
  1. GREP. This standard utility helps you quickly find the command line you need, thereby making your life easier and saving time;
  1. CURL. The command lets you get information from dedicated data or download any file. It can also manage headers, cookies, authentication, etc.;
  1. LN. This command allows you to create a link. Links help you quickly navigate to the desired directories and files;
  1. ALIAS. Built-in Bash command and other shells to shorten commands and their sequences. Abbreviated names are saved only during the session.

We hope these 6 commands will be useful to you in the future. https://host-world.com tries to help beginners to understand the topic of administration and let them use VPS servers conveniently. Don’t forget about the 24/7 support we provide you. Promote your sites with Host-World servers!