Asylum in the United States

Discrimination, physical violence, illegal actions of state bodies – these are just part of the grounds on which a citizen has the right to rely on political asylum in another state, and in particular in the USA. A refugee is a special legal status of a person granted to him/her because of a violation of his/her rights and freedoms at home.

      These concepts are fixed at the legislative level. So in 1951, the UN signed the Convention relating to the Status of Refugees. In 1980, the US Congress passed a law regulating the flow of refugees into the country and the procedure for applying for protection.

      So, what are the grounds for political asylum in the USA?

      1. Oppositional views: representatives of opposing parties, social movements, journalists may be harassed.

      2. Racial discrimination: racial persecution, harassment or threat to the life of members of minorities, lack of adequate protection by the state.

      3. Nationality: There is continuous harassment, insult, threats against representatives of a particular nationality. These illegal actions may be on the part of the police, other national groups, not regulated by state authorities.

      4. Religion: Humiliation, mass beatings, and life threats to members of certain faiths are also grounds for asking for help in another state. However, in America, it is necessary to confirm your belonging to this particular faith.

      5. Particular social group: Aggressive behavior of the authorities or other groups towards people with certain views, their persecution and humiliation.

      In all these cases, it is important not only to show the fact of the danger to life, but also to confirm that this applies specifically to the person asking for help.

political asylum

      Who to ask for help?

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