Create Your Website with VPS Hosting

VPS hosting can be used both for hosting small sites and for highly loaded projects with traffic of several thousands of users per day.

      Most often, such hosting is used in the following cases:

  • For an information site connected to various news feeds or to the top of search engines. VPS hosting provides a stable connection. It is able to withstand a significant influx of visitors.
  • For an online store. Hosting withstands not only a large number of visitors, but also updates of product databases, the work of the parser, and more. This allows you to use hosting to host large stores with a large number of product names, as well as run site advertising in specialized networks without the risk that at the most inopportune moment the site will simply stop responding under load and this will lead to financial losses.
  • For companies specializing in creating web resources. Programmers can host sites in the works on the hosting. Thus, the customer has the opportunity to monitor and make adjustments to the work of the programmer.

      Also, the site can be used for a large company that wants to provide each of the employees with personal mail.

      Benefits of VPS Hosting from HostZealot

      VPS hosting has several advantages:

  • Control. The user has the ability to control processes on the server, files, as well as the actions of visitors.
  • Number of sites. A server can host a fairly large number of web resources.
  • Performance. Modern equipment is characterized by high performance, as a result of which the site is very fast.
  • Price. The cost of hosting on a VPS is much lower than the price of renting a traditional dedicated server.

      HostZealot providers have the ability to allocate a sufficient amount of RAM, so there is no interruption in the work of the Internet project. When using VPS hosting, the customer receives a virtual dedicated server, which is located on a separate machine. The subscriber has full root access. He/she can install various software, make changes to server settings, build tables, etc.