Environmental Concern

Ecologists have long been concerned about the problem of the harmful effects on the environment of all areas of production. In addition to trying to organize effective ways to dispose of hazardous waste, they are developing options to reduce environmental damage. Reducing waste emissions can not only reduce the harm of infrastructure facilities, but also increase the economic efficiency of the enterprise.

      How to deal with the waste problem and make money on it

      The continuous development of technologies and their diversity increases the chances of an early environmental situation improvement. With GreenPower, it is quite possible to choose the best practices and achieve the best results for a particular enterprise in specific conditions.

      Waste-free technology is currently actively introduced into modern production. All plants and factories can use waste-free technologies in order to avoid environmental degradation: pollution of the biosphere, water, land, etc. Waste-free production contributes not only to the conservation of nature, but also to impressive savings.

      GreenPower is an international Company of bioenergy industry, which focuses on the development of technologies for processing various kinds of waste into useful products that are in demand on the market, creating environmentally friendly equipment. The company processes the following raw materials: waste of agricultural industry, other biomass, fine coal waste, hazardous waste and MSW, nutshell, seeds of fruit trees, forestry, woodworking and plant waste, waste of polymers and rubber goods, etc. GreenPower uses following processes: gasification, pyrolysis and activation.

Main advantages of GreenPower 

  • Compactness of equipment;
  • High performance;
  • No emissions during operation;
  • Full automation of the operation process;
  • The use of modern materials;
  • Mobility of equipment.

      Want to raise money on waste and save nature? Contact GreenPower and we will definitely give you a helping hand!