Getting the Most Out of Your Hosting

It doesn’t matter the kind of business you run, most of them can’t do without a good professional website that provides your clients and leads with the best user experience possible. One of the major roles in this play the type of hosting you have and its provider. Let’s dig into what you should look for while choosing a good hosting provider and what services you might need.

Why Pick VPS Hosting

Sure, you might very well start with the general hosting services, where lots of users share one server and its resources. As your site grows, however, it would be a good idea to switch to VPS. Why? Because it’s a more reliable and stable solution where you’ll always get what you’re paying for. No sharing of power resources with other clients – and the top providers like HostZealot generally provide much more RAM and CPU for VPS than for shared hosting. It is also more secure and protects the stability of your site’s operations.

Choosing the Best VPS Hosting Provider

There are a couple of things you should consider while looking for a provider. Some of the most basic one, that will definitely matter down the road include:

  • technically able plans with capacities that will satisfy your needs
  • affordable cost
  • clear communication with clients
  • good customer service available round the clock
  • the location of the servers is nearby

Why is the last one important? Well, because it does influence the speed of the connection and sometimes the content you’re planning on setting up on your site. Let’s say, you’re operating a business in mainland China. The Hong Kong VPS providers are the best match for you, as their servers will provide the best and most reliable connection for your site. There are also some regulations that put censoring pressure on the providers. Hong Kong policies are more lax, which gives the users more freedom to have the content they want without providers taking their website down.