Mistakes You Do Not Want To Make With Antiques

Antiques are often great investments that can bring you a lot of money. However, it’s a game that must be played carefully. Even a seemingly innocent blunder could cause you to lose big time. Here are some mistakes that you’ll want to take care to avoid.

Making Assumptions

An item is only worth a certain amount if you can find someone who is willing to pay it. It’s never a good idea to make assumptions about what you can sell something for just because you saw it in a price guide. It’s possible that your asking price could turn off potential buyers. It’s best to seek pricing advice from an antiques expert.

Letting Go Too Fast

It can be tempting to let go of a valuable item for what you consider a lot of money, but don’t be over-eager. If you hold onto it for a few more years, its value could multiply sharply.


Unless you’re experienced with it, you should never try to clean or restore antiques yourself. You may end up damaging certain features and making the item worthless as a collectible. Some things are worth more money with small imperfections, patinas or other signs of age.