Who we are?

According to research, we can say that several million Americans every year can’t get to a medical center to protect themselves and their lives. And this is only registered data. In such cases, only one lack of transportability plays a role. However, each of us wants to feel safe and know that there are services that can solve our problem.

No one medical service can’t save you if you don’t have an opportunity to be transported. Therefore, we came up with the idea to start an irreplaceable project, which can help people to safely get to the hospital and receive quality care. 

We believe that our project can be useful. RouteGenie offers the service of improving safe transportation for old people, individuals with disabilities, or simply for people who are unable to get to the medical center. We create and manage safe and fast routes. We want to help NEMT services be even more efficient.

What are the advantages of using our service?

Using our service is irreplaceable for the following reasons:

  • Specialized routes NEMT allows you to arrive on time for a medical consultation without missing it;
  • We help you to overcome transportation problems;
  • To reduce the transportation and medical expenses;
  • We control scheduling and come up with ideas to make a route faster;
  • The newest technologies let us plan the route more thoroughly.

RouteGenie can be useful for people who need to be transported safely and quickly. You may need a medical attendant who will control your state of health, wheelchair, or stretcher. What is more important, private services are less busy than public ones, so NEMT companies can immediately send a specialized team to the place. The NEMT is made with high-tech equipment, all the necessary medicines, as well as experienced qualified staff who are ready to provide service of transportation at any time of day. We can give you the best medical service for safe transportation using comfortable technologies. RouteGenie is a powerful software for providers of non-emergency medical transformation that provide quality scheduling, billing, and routing. Contact us if you need help to reduce costs, make transportation more efficient and convenient!